Lawrence Hill’s Statement on the burning of his novel “The Book of Negroes” by a stupid Dutchman

Some Dutch idiot named Roy Groenberg, chairmain of a society honouring the victims of Surinam slavery, is proposing to burn  Lawrence Hill’s novel the Book of Negroe’s in Amsterdam on June 22nd. Lawrence Hill has issued the following statement.

“I sought to dramatize and bring public attention to the lives of the 3,000 African people described in this important and largely forgotten historical document, so I named my novel after it. The use of the title, “The Book of Negroes” (or “Het Negerboek” in Dutch) has offered me the opportunity to explain this troubling and largely forgotten history.”

Lawrence Hill “Book of Negroes” Book Burning Statement
Below is the Google Translation of the e-mail sent by Roy Groenberg to Lawrence Hill announcing his plan to burn “The Book of Negroes”.