Jew Baiter Khaled Moummar Demands Government Stop “The Hatemongers”

“CAF calls upon the Canadian government to abandon its past misguided policies affecting vulnerable segments of its population; to take immediate and concrete measures to protect its Arab and West Asian citizens from hate crimes; and to send a clear message to hatemongers that it will not tolerate bigotry and racism against its citizens due to their race, religion or colour. “

We really should be thankful for race baiting whores like Khaled Moummar. His Canadian Arab Federation, his friends at Palestine House ,the Canadian Islamic Congress, & CASMO are responsible for the bulk of lunatic Islamist hate in this country.

To the left are the stats on Khaled’s alleged Tsunami of Hate against Arabs & West Asians a whopping 75 incidents, among the incidents I suspect are included the honour killings of Muslim women and graffitti which ludicrously are counted as “hate crimes” by Statscan.