Good Lord! Million-pound bill for taxpayer after race activist sues anti-racism groups

“Natasha Sivanandan has spent 25 years pursuing a series of tribunal cases, and has now secured her biggest victory with a £425,000 payout. Even her own father, a distinguished campaigner against racism, has disowned her and accused her of bringing race relations into disrepute.

In the most recent ruling, her six-figure payout came from Hackney council and Hackney Action for Racial Equality (HARE), an advice service which ceased operating partly as a result of her action.
Miss Sivanandan, 57, who has no children and has never married, lives in a £450,000 housing association three-bedroom house in Wood Green, north London, which was allocated to her after she complained of racism at a previous property.”

Of course the Human Rights Cultists will assure us that the “System” will never be abused….

h/t Dr. J!