BCHRT Rules it’s OK to discriminate against Hockey Players but not Punjabi Dancers

“Hockey players are not, unlike the complainants in this case, members of a group protected under the [Human Rights Code.] Hockey players can, and do, come from anywhere. On the evidence before me, participants in Bhangra are associated, overwhelmingly, with the Punjab,” Geiger-Adams wrote.

He ruled that the hotel should pay Sangha and his volunteer $2,500 each for “injury to their dignity, feelings and self respect.”

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And she says it like it’s a good thing….

Also, free speech is not absolute. I presume that as a writer Hasiuk is aware of this; he’s constrained by censorship and the possibility of facing a defamation suit…The Tribunal is not operating in a vacuum. It is not some kangaroo court.

Robyn Durling, communications officer, B.C. Human Rights Coalition

Thanks for that Robyn.