Another Poor Season For Canadian Islamophobics….Futility Streak Set To Rival Maple Leafs

Statscan reports a total of 36 Hate Crimes against Muslims for the year 2009 versus 33 Against Catholics, & 44 against “Other” who surged to a surprise 2nd Place finish. Jews maintain their stranglehold on 1st Place with 283 incidents tallied.

A big result had been expected by the Islamophobics after repeated assurances, (repeated ad nauseum in fact), that a wave of Islamophobia was sweeping the nation. It looks like it’s back to the drawing board and a rebuilding season for the Phobics who have once again disappointed fans and mystified foes with yet another disappearing act.

Catholics were saved from perpetual relegation only by the dismal results posted by Team “Unknown” which managed a measly 14 “wins” all year.

One question perplexes this sportswriter; How the Hell can you commit a Hate Crime against an “Unknown” religion?

From Trupeers: Unknown eh? That’s when a “hate” crime is committed using a slur no one’s ever heard of? “Take that you dulyfrize swine!”

Update- The Dread Magic Markers Of DOOM!Though the term “hate crime” conjures up images of violence, 102 of Ottawa’s 134 hate crimes in 2009 — 76 per cent — involved graffiti.”