Meet Trish Fulton, Principal of Huron College – Your Dhimmi Tool Of The Day

Trish – “We have a due diligence process that — it includes a site visit, a review of tax returns and any other information available on the organization — and we follow that before we entertain any gift of a certain size or gift from individuals or organizations,” she said.”

Uhmm Trish, one of your donors is the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, whose president Assem Fadel just got fingered for funneling money to known terrorists on behalf of Gadaffi’s World Islamic Call Society.

May I suggest you review your due diligence procedures Trish? Perhaps Faisal Joseph, legal counsel for the Canadian Islamic Congress, who assisted in the due diligence review could shed some light on this for you and for us? Be sure to read these “Noteworthy Canadian Islamic Congress Facts Trish.

As for your heartfelt belief in the sincerity of the Muslim Brotherhood front group MAC – the Muslim Association of Canada, well this is what their revered scholar and Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna had to say about Israel, and it ain’t pretty sweetheart;

“Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, until Islam abolishes it, as it abolished that which was before it.” (From the words of] The martyr, Imam Hasan al-Banna’, Allah’s mercy be upon him.)

Congrats Trish, you’ve earned the title of Dhimmi Tool, wear it well sweety.

More on Trish Fulton’s terror funding donors here.

h/t SMW