How Many Wagon Trains Have Been Attacked In Toronto Lately?

None! Thanks to Toronto’s Police “‘Aboriginal Peacekeeping Unit’!  Damn effective I’d say, not one Wagon Train has been waylaid by restive natives in recent memory!  No doubt due to that success the unit has time on their hands. What better way to fill the empty hours spent in desolate outposts along the Latte Trail than in outreach to Mohawk “warriors”, the same “warriors”who illegally occupied High Park under the false pretext of protecting a non-existent “ancient indian burial ground”.  To educate the public, and kill some time, the “Aboriginal Peace Keeping Unit” has produced for your enjoyment a propaganda video celebrating the hoax.  And why not? Your tax dollars paid for it.

“Notice how the police and Parks Dept. have no problem with the fact that the video has the Mohawk Warrior Flag in it. The Natives are trying to B.S. the Parks Dept. that it is a Unity Flag however, there is a 238 page write up regarding the “Emergence of the Mohawk Warrior Flag” written by a native woman. She takes the time to trace the history of the Warrior Flag which was created in 1988 not by the Mohawk nation but by organized criminals upset that their members were being arrested for illegal smuggling activities.

The Mohawk Warrior, symbolized in the flag, is designed to be a Mohawk Warrior at war not at peace. The Flag was designed to unite all natives against the Government which is why some call it the Unity Flag. The Flag represents the fact that you are no longer on Canadian land but Mohawk land. The Flag represents a state of war against anyone who disagrees with whichever Native is claiming land.”

See pg. 94-97 of this report.

h/t MV