Why don’t Christians speak up? – a few reasons as if reality mattered

“Consider all the books written recently promoting the idea that “fundamentalists” ( = Christians who take their faith seriously) pose a danger. Such books are fashionable because their premise is false and therefore the readers are safe, and merely indulging themselves in hostility and prejudice. It’s like going to a scary movie except that the books create a scary situation for their targets (more below).

…Books about the dangers of jihadism are less fashionable because their premise is true, and therefore learning about jihadism imposes a moral responsibility to decide how one will address the actual danger. In Canada and Europe, prominent writers suffer prosecution for writing books about jihadism that “offended” some. And this problem is very difficult to even address, for reasons I explain here. Christians, Jews, and gay or anti-gay activists are special targets of censors. When did anyone writing hate literature against Christians face comparable dangers or penalties, in recent memory?”