We do not have a conservative government

Not while our tax dollars fund the Sea Hitler Gaza Boat and the Conservatives lie about defunding organizations like Alternatives.

Not while our tax dollars are used as a vote buying slush fund to finance Qadaffi’s business partners and Muslim Brotherhood schools

Not while our tax dollars fund Palestine House

Not while our tax dollars fund the persecution of Christians

Not while our tax dollars fund “art” that isn’t

Not when they push freedom denying bills like C-51

Not while they allow Section 13 (1) to remain on life support deliberately insulting the people that elected them

Not while pointless wastes like the CRTC, the CBC, the Canada Council and Lord knows how many more parasitic agencies continue to pick our pockets

Not while multiculturalism remains official government policy

Add your own…..and I’ll post em

PeterJ: “At over 10 billion a year I would like to add Indian Affairs. Give them the land they are on to do with as they please. Then perhaps they can get a life, a job and get out of our wallets. Also, Harper should just admit that this whole climate change thing is stupid and stop all funding to the granola crunching crowd. Get the health nuts off our backs. We all live ’till we die and will all die of something.”

Melykin: “They are actually expanding CBC. It was just announced that my town will get its very own CBC station.  Aren’t we lucky?”

Trupeers: “Not while the government pretends we don’t have an economic crisis looming by way of household debt and real estate bubbles in various markets, by way of an aging population whose healthcare and retirement expectations are not funded and that can’t be funded by bringing in more immigrants to take low-paying jobs that will never be able to support the level of benefits for others let alone those the immigrants too expect to enjoy.

Not as long as we have a government that doesn’t speak out against the constant barrage of white guilt and sexualization of young people in what we call our “education” system.”

Bob Devine:  “I will be 72 in a couple of weeks. In those years the only real conservative party I have seen in Canada is the Reform Party that started in Alberta with Preston Manning as its leader. In about 15 years from its conception (sucks to be you NDP) they moved from Manning`s kitchen table to be the official opposition in Canada`s parliament. Everyone knows the crap that ensued after that as the socialists in the party crapped themselves and tried to destroy the progress of this conservative movement. For some reason the surviving conservatives from those times think they must turn into what the former Conservative party was and forsake all real conservative values. In this just completed election I voted for the CPC. This was not because I thought they were conservative but because a person would have to be retarded in their ability to reason to vote for the Libs or NDP. I am blessed that I have a disease that guarantees I will not be around to vote next time an election is called. I pray every day that a real conservative alternative will start that will save our country from the socialist hole it is headed for.”

Jeh: “Quit pandering to the Aboriginals, and stop the two tierjustice system that allows them to break our laws.  If we don’t nipthe problem in the bud with Aboriginals, I know that Islamists will exploit our weakness in this area.

Create legislation that is extremely tough on anyone participatingin forced marriages, including child brides; FGM; and polygamy.

Stop giving financial aid to Islamic countries.   Our money should not be wasted lining Muslim Swiss bank accounts and/or financingour own demise – including $300 million to the Pals.

Stop training the Pals in police tactics to use against Israel.

Remove citizenship, and have quicker deportations ofterrorists, their supporters, and any others such as hard line Muslim clerics, whoare working to destroy Canadafor Islam – start with the Khadrs and their close associates.

Dust off our treason and sedition laws, and start using them against Islamists, and their enablers.

Close Mosques, Islamic Organizations (including CAIR Canada),Bookstores, and Madrassas that preach jihad, hatred of the infidel, and destruction of the West. If I sound harsh I am.  If we don’t learn from Europe’s mistakes, then we really are fools whodeserve to have their way of life destroyed by Islamists and their Marxist enablers.”

Not while pursuing failed Keynesian stimulus deficit spending to offset slow downs in the market.
Not while our govt uses public dollars to bailout failed auto makers.
Not while Canada’s Human Rights Commissions denigrate the rule of law on hate speech and soil 800+ years of English Common Law tradition.
Not while there are no limits on abortion despite statistics showing 95% of abortions being motivated chiefly by convenience and a majority of Canadians desiring some limits on murdering the unborn.
Not while outspending previous Liberal govts.
Not while legislation will not be drafted to mandate balanced budgets.
Not while continuing to level a federal excise tax on fuel.
Not while refusing to enact flat income tax to overcome the graduated socialist income tax scheme.