New From Ronco! Mohawk Begone!

I attended the demo that was held in High Park today by Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas and their determined supporters, to protest the Mohawk Warriors illegal occupation of land they falsely claimed to be the proverbial “ancient indian burial ground”.

One slight problem arose however, no Mohawk Warriors. No Warriors. No Flags. No Tents. No Occupation. No nothin save two not very warrior like guys raking dirt. Someone worked very quickly to de-escalate this situation. We were assured by Richard Ubbens, Director of the Parks Dept., that no one will be allowed to squat in the Park. The “land” is being rehabilitated by “volunteers” said Ubbens, meaning until the remaining “warriors” get bored with what now appears to be a failed effort at “native activisim”.

Some silliness had been expected, one officer explained that the thugs from OCAP had planned to take part in a counter demo. Mark Vandermaas also spoke of a mass e-mail exhorting the 6 Nations to rise up against the “White Supremacists”.  Someone acted decisively, pity the same could not be said for Caledonia.

Unless the City has pulled a “Potemkin in the Park” this is a clear victory for McHale, Vandermass, their supporters, common sense and good governance. The biggest losers are the kids who will have to wait out the “warriors” before resuming their biking.

Kudos to the City and to Metro’s finest, their courtesy and cooperation exceeded expectations.