National Post Interview with Tarek Fatah off to a bad start….

The article stumbles nearly out of the gate by quoting Wael Haddara, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood front group “Muslim Association of Canada”, without informing readers of that, which nicely serves to reinforce the point Tarek is trying to defend:

“Fellow Muslims are for the most part dupes or potential terrorists in waiting. And the vast majority of Canadians, he says, are so gullible, politically correct and naïve that they cannot see the terrifying Islamic fifth column growing amongst them through their own bleeding-heart immigration policies.” 

Haddara is Prez of the Muslim Assocation of Canada, a Muslim Brotherhood front that openly professes it’s adoration of Hassan al-Banna. Hassan al-Banna is the muslim brotherhood founder and proponent of armed jihad against kuffars – that would be you and me. You can read Banna’boys master work “All muslims must make Jihad“.

“Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, until Islam abolishes it, as it abolished that which was before it.”, Imam Hassan al-Banna’