I went to the QuAIA City Hall Debate….and lived!

Update: QuAIA is Quap

Good Lord, if what I witnessed today is the stuff of daily business at city hall then I never wish to darken it’s doors again.

Lot’s of video, but it will take a bit to get it posted. To make a long story short the Pro-Israel contingent won the day by a wide margin. The whacko’s from QuAIA consisted of discredited jew baiters such as Khaled Mouammar to drugged out street people, and one poor young man who was so confused and so emotionally fragile I declned to film his presentation lest he slit his wrists.

Here’s a pic of Rob Ford listening to some inchoherent QuAIA sympathiser, his look says it all. I left at 7:30, my sanity demanded it, they were still hearing from the floor.

At the end of the day it appears absolutely nothing was accomplished, Pride will continue to receive public funding contingent on QuAIA not marching. Wasn’t this settled already?