Dear Stephen Harper Please Give Me Free Money So I Can Continue To Mock Islam On My Blog

Dear Stephen Harper,

Please give me Free Money so I can continue to mock Islam on my blog. Consider my efforts a work of performance art.  I’ve been doing this for absolutely free and was frankly unaware that I could apply for tax payer funding.

Please make the cheque out to “Mr. Blazingcatfur”. If you don’t I will file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against your pansy assed dhimmi government.

All the best.

Blazingcatfur Esq.

The Catholic Civil Rights League Has Issued A Complaint

TORONTO, Ont. May 20, 2011 – The Catholic Civil Rights League has called on Heritage Canada to explain its grant to Vancouver punk rock band “Living with Lions” for its new album.

The album “Holy S**t” is subtitled “The P** Testament.” The CD package is designed to resemble a Bible, featuring liner notes written in the style of biblical verses. The last line of the band’s acknowledgements reads, “We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage.”

Artwork includes graphics such as a Jesus-type figure that appears to be created from excrement. “This is hardly the type of graphics or wording that Canadian taxpayers expect to see adorned with the logo of their federal government,” the League said in its letter to Heritage Canada, copied to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Heritage Minister James Moore.

“Your website advises that “The Department plays a vital role in the cultural and civic life of Canadians. Canadian Heritage offers financial support to organizations who contribute to departmental objectives related to culture, arts, heritage, official languages, citizenship and participation, Aboriginal, youth, and sport initiatives.” Regardless of how small the amount given to the creation of this album may have been, it could only have come at the expense of much worthier initiatives. We hope this misuse of funds will not be repeated,” the League said in a message from Executive Director Joanne McGarry.

Brian Lilley has a good column: “So a pretend punk band not only took public money, they had bureaucrats OK their lyrics.”