Shocka! Former Principal Of Ottawa Muslim Brotherhood Jew Hate School Doesn’t Like Geert Wilders

Aisha Sherazi is the former principle of the Abraar School in Ottawa which is run by the Muslim Association of Canada, it along with Hamas openly proclaims its adherence to the teachings of Hassan al-Banna founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and promoter of Jihad.

Aisha Sherazi is a slave to Allah and of course convinced Islam is a a religion of peace, despite having been principle of a school that openly encouraged the hatred of Jews by its students under her watch run by an organization dedicated to the hate mongering of Hassan al-Banna.

Have fun with Aisha Sherazi’s blatant propaganda piece in today’s Iqra, I haven’t seen this much bullshit since my last trip to the Royal.

Bete Noor Bete Noire!