Mercy we’re saved! Iran to track Human Rights Abuses in West!

“TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian lawmaker announced on Monday that Tehran would soon launch an English-language news agency to review the latest human rights conditions in the West, specially in the UK and the US.
Soon as that site is up and running I am sending them info on  Section 13 (1) and the Canadian Human Rights Commission. I’ve been meaning to post on this, the judicial review of Section 13 (1) we’ve all waited for is finally a go. This is the big one and represents our only hope of seeing an end to this stupid and dangerous law.  Harper is not only too cowardly to act on Section 13 he’s actually proposing to implement an even greater threat to our fundamental freedoms by passing into law Bill C-51.
While our PM proceeds to turn the CPOC into the Liberal party somewhere hangs a portrait of Steven Harper slowly but surely morphing into an image of Brian Mulroney.
Mark this date on your calendars:
December 13 and 14, 2011
Federal Court of Canada
180 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario