Creeping Sharia in Ontario Healthcare

“Due to this partnership, and through the initiative of the Islamic Foundation, the Scarborough Hospital changed its policies in relation to shrouding the bodies of the deceased Muslims to respect religious injunctions, with male staff handling male bodies and female staff handling female bodies.
“The Mosque is also recommending to various hospitals that they implement policies for treatment and caring of the Muslim female patients, preferably by hospital’s female staff only,”

I demand to receive medical treatment only from qualified Playboy Bunnies.

Update: Regardez le visitez by someone in the Ontario Legislature in the jpeg above. Note the referring url;  That url indicates it came from someone with access to the blog’s “wordpress admin page”, the blog I linked to in this post. Unless that blog was hacked no one but the “blog owner” has access to that page. When you click that link it will take you directly to the wordpress sign-in page. Be on the watch for Pods.

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