Royal Ontario Museum Gift Shop Stormed In Nakba Rioting!

Well not really, however the staff were very kind when I ducked in to clean a lense. Today’s Nakba rally in downtown Toronto was a good news, good news story.

The good news was the excellent turnout by the JDL and other members of the Jewish community in counter-protest to the Nakba rally.

The other good news? A really poor turnout by members the Palestine House Hamasadite Marching Band & Puppet Show. Some bad news, the Police, in a new tack, kept both groups at a significant distance from one another. Alas, gone are the days when we faced off eye to eye from across the street.

Aside from the tax payer parasites of Palestine House many of the usual suspects were nowhere to be seen. No CUPE contingent or signage other than Ali Mallah, CUPE’S Human Billboard of Stupid. Virtually no sign, or signage for that matter, of the Islamist front the Canadian Peace Alliance. One idiot from the IJV showed up to spout the usual marxist crap, I doubt even he listened to his speech.

A good day for the good guys.