Random Furballs for a Saturday Morning…..

“They were both Arabs, both were Muslim, both were Shiite Muslims, both hated Israel and both wanted revolution. The only difference was one group leans toward Iran, the other leans toward Syria. This was sufficient to justify the throat-cutting and disembowelling of vulnerable, injured men with something resembling hysterical glee.

Cruel but funny

The Death of One Osama

‘Rolling in the Deep’ Tops U.S. Singles Chart

Christopher Hitchens on Chomsky’s Follies

What Osama Was really Doing For The Past Five Years

‘The Economist’ becomes a left wing rag

Bill C-51 and an open letter to my MP

“[We want] to express our alarm over the disclosure that two Islamist organizations – the Muslim Association of Canada and the [Virginia-based] International Institute of Islamic thought – will provide most of the $2-million in funding for a new Chair in Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Theology at Huron University College…