The Left Behind

Two takes on why the left is in meltdown and no longer have the support of the working class they arrogantly claim to represent….

It’s not just the Labour Party – the Left is in meltdown all over Europe

“In Britain, as in other European states, traditional working class voters no longer trust the Left-wing party to put their interests above those of recent immigrants. In a recent but as yet unpublished YouGov poll, respondents were asked whether Britain now feels like a foreign country. Working-class centre-left voters agreed by 64 per cent to 26 per cent.”

Take two

Jonathan Kay pointed out yesterday that Carol Goar wrote an astonishingly lucid column on why”the poor” vote conservative

Kay has nicely summarized Goars salient points:

  • The poor are the biggest victims of crime. So they vote for tough-on-crime politicians
  • The poor want a job (i.e. a strong economy), not government handouts
  • The poor resent seeing big-government unionized bureaucrats enjoying lavish wages and benefits
  • The poor are alienated by the liberal eggheads who presume to know what they want

This will come as a surprise only to the left. As if on cue our betters at Harvard, Iggy’s old school, chime right in: Harvard Gives Canuckis an ‘F’ in Voting