CBC Scoop! Religion of the Perpetually Offended Upset by Geert Wilders Appearance

Here’s a tip CBC, Islam is the religion of the perpetually offended, upset, traumatized, angry,insulted, etc etc etc..

Speaking of the perpetually offended wait till you read this post-election rant by Jawed Anwar of Toronto’s most prominent Islamist Rag “The Muslim.ca”

“After capturing and strengthening her throne, Ms Kathleen Wynne, the “Queen” of Don Valley West, started showing her disliking of “browns” (in Don Valley West, it is often used to refer to Muslims).  “She started racist slur, ‘I don’t like to see too many browns in my riding’” (meaning Liberal riding posts), said an ex liberal party member and insider.”

Speaking of Geert – Vlad Tepes has an interview.

h/t Rose & Sanwin.