Sanctimonious bunkum

Two prime examples….

UN human rights brigade has lost the plot

Such assertions of bogus morality deserve to be treated with undiluted, undisguised contempt. The time has come for the UN’s member-states, which have to bear the burden of keeping the organisation’s human rights brigade in comfort, demand introspection and appropriate revision of dated definitions of ‘peace’, ‘war’ and ‘justice’. What the world needs is good, old-fashioned common sense, not politically correct bunkum aimed at weakening the resolve of states while strengthening that of monsters.

h/t Dr. J

Consider yourself lucky Toronto, we get Geert Wilders UCLA got Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Attacks Israel’s ‘Expansion Over Security’ at UCLA Lecture on ‘Palestine in Crisis’

“I experimented with video blogging, and this clip captures more of Chomsky’s comments on U.S. policy than his remarks on Israeli expansionism. Here he argues that from Washington’s perspective democracy and freedom in the Middle East are antithetical to American interests. The U.S. and Israel allegedly fear the Arab Spring because the revolutions threaten American hegemony in the region. Chomsky spouts a lot of disinformation, which is his trademark. He says at 40 seconds that “about 90 percent of Egyptians view the United States as the main enemy” and that “about 80 percent in the region wanted to be sure Iran had nuclear weapons“…

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