Random Furballs for a Sunday Morning…..

Entitlements, Islamist and Otherwise

“So the argument that a Netherlands politician who points out simply what is occurring on the international scene proves in and of itself what he claims, represents a goad and a spur to violence for his confrontational style in a last desperate act to counteract the effects of Islam fully infiltrating the culture and society that he holds dear, holds no water.”

Pic by Gama

Haroon Siddiqui Hearts Bin Laden


That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp…

Legion Magazine Distorts History

CPC for Free Speech?

Bernie Farber, fellow ‘Nazi hunters’ to be charged with hate crimes?

Johann Hari : “Flawed” US Policy Creates Terrorists

Hari is very much of the “Western policy creates jihadism” school of “thought” and isn’t shy about saying so.

“The West reacted to 9/11 by giving Bin Laden precisely what he wanted. We tossed aside our best values. And each time we did it, the number of jihadis grew.”

When your enemy wants to be martyred for his vile cause, it is only a pleasure to give him precisely what he wants. But nevermind.