Wow Video Of Osama Bin Laden Complainin There’s nuthin on TV!

Not an Idol fan I’m guessin.

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Miss Khadr is the daughter of Ahmed Khadr, known as “al-Kanadi”, the highest-ranking Canadian until his death in a firefight in Pakistan. Her first husband was one of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s accomplices in an embassy bombing. One of her brothers is at Gitmo, another was paralyzed in the same battle in which his father died and, rather than entrust his medical needs to a Pakistani prison hospital, came “home” to Toronto to avail himself of free Ontario health care. I wrote about the Khadr family here, and quoted what is perhaps the ripest distillation of the delusions of multiculturalism – Jean Chrétien’s words to a third of Miss Khadr’s siblings:

“Once I was a son of a farmer, and I became Prime Minister. Maybe one day you will become one.”