Video: Why Is The MSM In Decline? Two Words – Ricki Gurwitz

Meet Ricki Gurwitz, she is a producer on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, allegedly “Canada’s largest radio station’. Amazingly she is the producer of Jerry Agar’s show perhaps the single bright spot on that station’s predictably milquetoast roster.

This is what she had to say about Geert Wilders on Michael Coren’s show:

“…I haven’t heard of him before this week”

Michael Coren…”You, young lady, you should be an NDP MP!”

Stick with the drinking games Ricki, there’s a bright future ahead for you.

A reader e-mails: “Most of them think that a good job is a column reviewing concerts for the Star, or writing about clothes for a fashion magazine – the lack of intellectual curiosity is amazing. I would ask them, as they showed up to intern at XXXXXX, what their specialty was – what it was they thought they could be an expert on. They all told me that they thought they had plenty of time to figure that out, and that their professors had told them not to worry about that.”

Thanks to Sdmatt for the vid.