John Oakley interviews Islamist Whackjob Farooq Khan About Geert Wilders – Hilarity Ensues!

Get a load of Farooq Khan – He really hates Kingston.

“Farooq Khan, head of the North American Muslim Foundation, tells AM640’s John Oakley (scroll down to second clip) that if people like Geert Wilders (who will be in town on Monday) are allowed to speak, he has no doubt that the result will be–wait for it–Canadian Muslims rounded up and interned in a concentration camp in Kingston, Ontario!

This is the same Farooq Khan who called Irshad Manji and Daniel Pipes “hatemongers” at the debate where Tarek Fatah was a no-show.

Oh Look Islam in the news…

PS. Get your tickets for Geert Wilders on Monday here.

h/t Sanwin, PS. forgive the vid, I have had major video driver issues, still unresolved, I am amazed the software even worked at all today.