JDL To Hold Protest Outside Pride Offices Friday May 6th 12 Noon

Jewish Defense League of Canada to protest against Jew Hatred at the offices of Pride Toronto. The JDL will hold a protest at Pride’s offices every Friday for the Month of May.

Friday May 6th, 12:00 noon for 1 hour
Pride Toronto 14 Dundonald Street, Toronto
The JDL will provide Signs & Flags

PRIDE Toronto has provided a platform to a group that promotes the destruction of Israel. Last year Pride  excluded the anti-Israel group in an effort to get city funding. After they received cit funding, Pride brought the anti-Israel group back. On riday April 15th Pride allowed the anti-Israel group to use their property to counter the JDL protest. Pride Toronto enables QuAIA.


For Information call the JDL AT 416-736-7000 OR www.jdl-canada.com