Whorehouse Jack’s Nuts Cracked!

More than usual. The whacko’s at Babble aka the NDP base are plotting armed insurrection in light of the Magnificent Conservative Majority.

“How long untill the Conservatives pass legislation to force young people to belong to the Harper Youth?”

But wait…there’s more

“armed demonstrations might be the way to go.”

“Waiting til 2015 to vote the Tories out of office is a recipe for
demoralization and defeat. We need to start mobilizing resolute
opposition in the streets, in workplaces, on campuses — not rely on
the NDP in the House of Commons with their “leave it to us” stance.

To fight the Tories, we need a left that sees collective action in
struggle as essential and doesn’t reduce politics to elections.”

h/t Thinkingman & Sdmatt for the vid.