No. 1 – Deport all Hippies Starting with Margaret Atwood

Tell me your dreams for the new conservative majority. What issues do you want to see the Conservative Party tackle? Dare to dream.

Dreams Revealed….

Privatize the CBC; let’s see if “Canadians” want it enough to pay for it themselves.

Let’s get the French off our cereal boxes – separation now!

So long as we are dreaming, nuke metric too

Fire Jennifer LynchScrap Section 13, then pink slip all the HRC trough feeders!

End political party welfare payments

Withdraw from the UN and form a “United Democratic Nations”.

Privatise string. That’ll show ’em. No, really. Colonel Neville.

Get rid of the totally useless and expensive long gun registry at last!

Get rid of the Canadian Wheat Board.

Harper learns to delegate, now that he has a majority, and a new generation of right-wing leaders can bloom

More to come….

Happy Days Are Here Again

Ok, now that Velvet Touch Layton has ascended to Leader of The Opposition will the rest of the MSM, aside from Sun, stop giving him a pass and ask Whorehouse Jack all about his massage parlour antics. I don’t like the idea of an Opposition leader who frequents Ho Houses.

Reactions to the new Conservative majority…

Iggy Quits!

Mark Steyn: Liberal Party of Canada Buried at Sea After Dying in Firefight


Stick a Fork In Him, He’s Done

Thank You Thank You Jack; Congratulations Mr. Harper

Conservative Majority 2.

Has the lyric ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ ever been more apt?

Winners and Losers

Canada Wins!!

 h/t Rev