Christie Blatchford Busts Whorehouse Jack Layton

Massaging the truth about Jack Layton

“A rather richer picture was provided by the officer’s reproduced notes and an interview with the Sun: Mr. Layton, ostensibly there for a shiatsu massage (which traditionally doesn’t require the removal of any clothing, let alone all of it) was lying naked on a bed…”

The Sun’s Front Page Hits The Right Spot.

Whorehouse Jack just spanked on the Jim Richards Show, gonna download that podcast later.

From Ann: Shiatsu Shack!

There’s a crazy little shack beyond the tracks
And ev’rybody calls it the shiatsu shack
Well, it’s just a hohouse and it’s understood
the shiatsu is mighty good
That’s not really the reason why I’ve got to get back
To that Shiatsu , whoa baby
To that shiatsu shack.

h/t EyeCrazy