Osama Bin Laden Dead – Body to be stuffed and featured on Jersey Shore

Ding Dong Osama’s Dead The Wicked Old Prick Is Dead!

Dead a week, struck by precision strike likely a predator. DNA confirmation.

The US Has the bastards body. Stuff it, put it on Jersey Shore.

US team did it up close and personal – nice stuff.

Osama living in Pak military compound…mapped here

The comments at PressTV are wild -” Even if this US manufactured desperate FAIRY TALE is remotely possible, then why are the NATO/Zionist/US warmongering liars and losers killing in Afghanistan?”

The pic at left of Dead Osama is sadly a photoshop readers inform me.

Star Spangled Banner…

Steven Harpers announcement on Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Thanks Sdmatt