Daddy what’s a community clinic?

When your old enough we’ll have that talk son, best not mention this to your Mother and if you ever mention Jack Layton again I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.

Cause the Cop’s always bust community clinics in prostitution raids.

The Velvet Touch “Community Clinic” – Oh Jack you’re not even trying.

“…As for his thoughts on Layton being caught in the room with an attractive 5-foot-10 Asian woman, he said he doesn’t buy that the NDP leader didn’t know it was a place where he could get sexual services.

“He’s claiming he got a legitimate massage, but the issue here is it’s clear it was a rub-and-tug and most people in society would know that when they go in. I’d be very surprised that a very smart politician would not have known … and Jack was very smart.”

At the time, police were targeting massage parlours using underage girls from Thailand.”
Chop Suey!

This is Hilarious h/t dr