SunTV: Jack Layton found naked in whorehouse in 1996

Update: You Know Jack!

Layton found naked in bawdy house: Ex-cop

I Like to Ride My Bicycle!

Handy Jack’s Happy Ending!

Toronto Star Endorses Bawdyhouse Found In “Naked Jack Layton

Jack Layton’s career just ended.

Naked Jack Layton sought “Therapeutic Massage” in Cheesey Bawdy House raided in Project Cobra

Holy Crap! Olivia says she’s down with Jack hanging around whorehouses.

Commie Lawyer….the facts are that Mr. Layton had obtained a massage…

A massage Jack? That’s a “HANDY” excuse!

SuntTV Report on Naked Jack Layton – Bawdyhouse Found In h/t Sdmatt

Layton Responds with Naked Truth

Imagine a Leader…Like “Handy” Jack Layton

Can you trust a man like Jack Layton who pretends not to know what “massage parlour” meant in the Toronto of 96?