Intelligent Muslim Cites Holocaust Denial Site In NDP Endorsement

Meer Sahib penned this NDP endorsement, Canada’s Muslims will vote NDP?,  in Mohamed Elmasry’s Canadian Charger magazine.  In the endorsement Sahib cites the holocaust denial site which he depicts glowingly – “The is widely respected and credible.”

Widely respected and credible? Well on Stormfront maybe.

This is a doozie: “Any hope we may have had with the Liberal Party evaporated when Mr. Michael Ignatieff, took its helm. A Jew by birth, he is reported to be a Neocon sympathizer. (“Ignatieff’s neo-con leanings disturbing” -Toronto Star).”

If Jack gets in you’ll be hearing a lot more from Meer Sahib and his friends trust me.

Saved for posterity. h/t Sass
Meer Sahib Cites Jeff Rense In NDP Endorsement