Steyn on Guy Earle: NO LAUGHING MATTER

“What did I ever do to Canada?” As pitiful, bewildered last words go, that’s on a par with those of Kenneth Bigley, shortly before his beheading on video in Iraq: “Tony Blair has not done enough for me.” Mr Earle might well have pleaded, “Michael Ignatieff has not done enough for me”, nor Jack Layton, nor the massed ranks of leftie CanCon comics. It’s certainly true that Mr Earle has never “done to Canada” what Ezra Levant or I have done – support Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper, launch right-wing magazines, engage in “flagrant Islamophobia”, etc. Guy Earle is a fellow of conventional views, a man-child of Trudeaupia who, even now, can’t understand why Canada should have singled him out to do it to him.”

Fightin Mad.

Paul Schneidereit, of the Halifax Chronicle Herald – Nanny-state interference now extends to stand-up comedy

Question: How do you turn a nasty confrontation between a stand-up comic and a heckler — something, I would guess, that has happened more than a few times before, without state interference — into an international embarrassment?

Simple. Get one of Canada’s government-backed busybodies — a.k.a. human rights bodies — involved