Liberal John McKay: Liberal Support from Catholics, other church-goers “bleeding away” Wound “self-inflicted.”

“…John McKay, the Liberal Member of Parliament who represents the Ontario riding of Scarborough-Guildwood, agrees with those sentiments.

McKay acknowledges that support from Catholics and other church-goers for the Liberal Party is “bleeding away.” What’s worse, he adds, the wound was “self-inflicted.” “You can disagree with someone, but you don’t have to insult them,” he says of the times when the Liberal Party had different views from some religiously-inclined Canadians. “There are times that the Liberal Party has been disagreeable in its disagreements.”

A good article citing a number a issues that have aliented churchgoers from the principless and morally confused Liberals but I suspect it may have missed one key factor.

Catholics and Protestants have grown increasingly aware of the continued assaults on their faith by the Human Rights Cultists at the CHRC federally and its provincial junior Kommissars, institutions firmly identified as card carrying members of the lunatic Liberal/Left.