The MSM’s Harper Derangement Syndrome: Beyond Jumping The Shark

Two quotes follow from two separate articles by different authors. Which appeared in a major Canadian Newspaper? Which appears in the latest edition of Mohammed Elmasry’s “Canadian Charger”? Can you tell the difference? I can’t.

“I will protect Israel at any cost”. This declaration came from Mr. Harper. This is a grave insult to a nation’s sovereignty when its Prime Minister shows such patriotism to a foreign state which is a pariah in the eyes of the world. Another junior minister said “Canada would send our troops to protect Israel, in case of war.” But why?”

“Harper’s pro-Israeli policy has gone hand-in-hand with his wooing of the Canadian Jewish community and the demonizing of the Canadian Arab Federation (which includes Arab Christians, such as its president, Khaled Muammar), as well as shunning mainstream Muslim organizations.”

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