Ignatieff Locks Up Militant Sikh, Radical Islamist Vote For Liberal Party

“As Liberal Leader and your next Prime Minister I vow that it will never be asked that you wear those funny Sikh hats when you beat up Ujjal Dosanjh” Iggy

In a stunning display of street smart election savvy Michael Ignatieff has positioned the Liberal Party to dominate the terrorist sympathizer vote among two of Canada’s ethnic communities. After sewing up the Crazed Islamist demographic Ignatieff has moved quickly to welcome Militant Sikh Extremists into the Liberal Big Tent. Not since Warren Kinsella let us know his acquaintances in the Muslim Brotherhood were OK Guys has a member of  the Liberal Party displayed such astounding political finesse.

Sikh em Iggy!             

CBC’s Milewski turns screw on Iggy about interview with Sikh extremist

Hey isn’t that Iggy’s Sikh Bud? Tramplin the Indian Flag?

h/t dr & sanwin