“I’d rather know what guys like CASMO think. There’s too much taqqiya in Islam as it is. If the Censorious Jewish Congress gets its way, there’ll be even more dissembling, even more pro forma nods to “diversity”, even more opportunist exploitation of Canada’s self-congratulatory “tolerance” – and even fewer glimpses of what CASMO & Co really believe.”

From Black Mamba

The Duke of CASMO
Just the same ole’ boy
He still don’t care fer them Jews.
Up for a little stealth Jihad
He’s likin’ Ahmadinejad
And finally it made the news!
And now the good ole’ boys
Of the Toronto elite
Well they’re a-callin’ up the cops
Those photo ops (what’s with the clocks?)
Are makin’ them feel the heat.
Hangin’ with radicals
Actin’ like shills
Some bloggers might call CASMO anti-semites
But the CEEJ never will.
Just some bloggin’ goys
Sass and Blazing Cat Fur
They’re the ones who broke the story
But the Post took all the glory
Along with Bernie Farber.
Liftin’ from blogs
The only way they know how
That’s just a little less acknowledgment of sources
Than the ethics allow.