Islamophobia and the Politics of Fear! HaHaHa!

Islamophobia and the Politics of Fear is scheduled for Saturday, May 21. This “event” is being hosted at Zafar Bagash’s Banquet Hall the “Islamic Society of York Region” where he reigns as Chief Mullah. Zafar Bangash is an Islamist bag of shit most recently identified as being affiliated with the Nazi Mullahs of Casmo.

A keynote speaker will be Jihadist Moazzam Begg who shouldn’t be allowed in Canada.

Here’s the line-up

Speakers include:
Dennis Edney – Lawyer for Omar Khadr
Moazzam Begg – Former Guatanamo Detainee
Dr Scott Bader Saye – Prof Christian Ethics & Moral Theology, Austin, TX
Yvonne Ridley – Journalist & Cageprisoners, UK
Roy Berkenboch – King’s College, Edmonton, Alberta

More later. h/t Sanwin