Justin Trudeau Wants To Keep Thug In Canada Implies Conservatives “Racist”

“Mr. Villanueva, who is not Canadian citizen, is threatened with deportation due to his extensive criminal record. He was already sentenced to 11 months in prison in 2006 for possession of a weapon of calibre 22 and robbery of a 14-year-old boy.”

Justin – “It is also contrary to Canadian values of respect for human rights and of objectivity”, (NB Translation from French)

Tell that to the 14 year old kid he robbed Jackass.  Ok Justin, Danny boy gets to stay but he lives at your place, in the room next to your wife.
Note the complete lack of mention of Trudeau’s involvement in English Media.

This popped up in my e-mail but note that CTV has erased the comment contained in the link header:

Dany Villanueva launches legal quest to avoid deportation CTV.ca So Justin Trudeau is backing up this punk? ha! Election time indeed. … Im very disappointed that Justin Trudeau would write a letter on his behalf, …