Dear National Post: Next time try crediting your sources

Uppidiestdate: Reliable sources inform me that a police hate crimes complaint will be filed shortly against CASMO. Give credit to Bernie Farber of the CJC for pursuing this complaint against the Hate Mullahs of CASMO. 

Upperdate: Mark Steyn – Missing The Point

“The real issue, as Blazing Cat Fur points out, is how plugged in this Muslim organization is to everyone who matters in Trudeaupia – photo ops with Liberal MPs, York Region’s police chief, the NDP leader… How disgusting does a “mainstream” Muslim organization have to be for Bill Blair and Jack Layton to decline to be photographed with them?”

Original post:

Dear Mr. Bell, your story in today’s National Post entitled “Ex-KKK leader featured on Muslim group’s website” is why people are sick of the the Dead Tree media. The National Post’s article on the Muslim group CASMO was lifted directly from our blogs at Sassywire and Blazingcatfur respectively.Our posts appeared on April 5 2011 a full 6 days before your “me too” effort. One would think you would have at least had the decency to credit your sources.

Sassywire in fact deserves full credit for this story.
An invoice in the amount of $1000.00 dollars will be issued shortly for which we expect full payment for our services.
Thank you,

Update: Sassy is MAD!

NB: My follow up posts on CASMO’s directors may be read here and here. They illustrate the lofty circles that CASMO Imam Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab travels in, i.e. Meetings with Police Chief Labarge, Jack Layton and assorted Liberal Party Vote Whores. Same goes for my post on the video of CASMO Imam Hasan Mujtaba Rizvi who teaches children to hate. The good Mullah Rizvi also informs his young charges that the monsters Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah are pious leaders.

This is funny. Casmo Director Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab has his own web site, the url is I received a visit from “Persian Stats” which I thought odd, when I went to add the site to my favourites for a later look guess what popped up –!  It’s the GTA Ayatollah Hisself checkin his traffic stats;) 

A Big Blazingcatfur Howdy to you Ayatollah –  You Khomeinist Prick!

Whoa! The GTA Ayatollah has taken a keen interest in my site!

I wonder if this is one of the issues Casmo Director Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab discussed with Jack Layton when they met?

Issue No. 8If a person has sexual intercourse with cows, sheep and camels, not only will their meat be haraam, drinking their milk is also haraam. Such animals should be slaughtered and their body be burnt, and the one who has had sexual intercourse with the animal should pay its price to its owner.      h/t Sanwin

Sanwin is killin me today: Lo and Behold Human Rights Cultist Barbara Hall of the Ontario Human Rights Racket breaking bread at one of Casmo Director Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab’s bunfests. Oh look they gave her a clock so she’d know when to check in.

Cripes what a nest of Vipers!

Figures Palestine House would make an appearance. h/t Mouche!