What the Shiite is goin on in Toronto?

Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab is featured on Casmo’s membership application, offering a ringing endorsement of that David Duke, Ahmadinejad luvin organization. Nassab has his own web site.  This guy travels in some pretty lofty circles, so I’m gonna call him the GTA’s Ayatollah.

Did you know Muslims Discovered America? Our GTA Ayatollah tells us so!
Did you know that both the Bible and the Torah “can not be trusted to guide the human society, nor can it be relied upon to guide the people to eternal happiness and salvation.” Thanks GTA Ayatollah!

How fitting, this crap is taught in Germany as well…..h/t Vlad

As I said our Ayatollah gets around. Here’s a pic of the GTA Ayatollah meeting with York Region Police Chief Armand Labarge isn’t that Jack Layton? Heh isn’t that Khalil Ramal Liberal MPP? Heh isn’t that another Liberal?  And another?

Other friends of CASMO include the usual cast of “moderate muslim” suspects – Wahida Valiente of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Ali Mallah , Zafar Bangash, and Khaled Mouammar.