Gurkhas fought to the death to protect U.N. Compound From Bloodthirsty Mohammedans

”Some of them were clearly armed and they stormed into the building” and set it on fire, UN peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said. ”The security guards, who were the Gurkhas, tried their best but the number was so high that they were not able to prevent it.”
The Gurkhas were believed to have killed a number of assailants before they were overcome.

“…11 people didn’t lose their lives so that Jones could burn a Koran. They lost their lives because some religious fanatics – driven by a twisted, feverish ideology – decided to murder them. And by failing to hold the true culprits responsible, we invite attacks on our freedom of expression – not just the freedom to burn a Koran, but to write, say, or do anything that offends their fragile sensibilities in the future.”

Afhgan Prez Karzai vows to look for usual suspects who aren’t relatives.

Mohammedans chanted Death To USA – Death To Israel During Bloodthirsty rampage h/t WZ


Terry Jones says murderous mohammedans prove his point.