Pics from the Ezra Levant Tribute Dinner hosted by the Canadian Centre For Policy Studies

A good time was had by all!

We had the pleasure of attending last nights tribute dinner For Ezra Levant, a sold out event hosted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies. The evening featured a rousing talk by Mark Steyn that had everyone on their feet. Father Raymond de Souza also spoke and much to our surprise noted that on meeting Ezra when both were still high school students he observed that EZ was “not lacking in any measure of self-esteem”. Well I’ll be!

Deborah has more pics. Barrelstrength also attended as did RightChik and Gay and Right, also on hand were Vlad & Grace from Vlad Tepes & Connie & Marc from Freedo. Check out Vlad for video of the evening’s testimonials later!

Mark Steyn has his post up now.

We will be in London for Mark Steyn’s talk tomorrow night. Be there or at least get the T-Shirt!

Hands down (feet down?) RightChik had the wickedest shoes!

Mark Steyn, FiveFeet, Ezra Levant

Ezra received the “Maple Leaf” Award from the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies

Bjorn, FiveFeet & Mary Lou

Dr. Roy gave the Loyalty Toast

Deborah Gyapong!

Reader R with Mark Steyn, my shot timing was poor;(