Omar Khadr gets 40 Years

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 Order of Canada.

To the Right Honourable Vic Toews:

In your roll as Minister of Public Safety for Canada, and as my Member of Parliament, I am asking you and the Government of Canada to not let Omar Khadr return to Canada to serve out his sentence for murder.

Omar Khadr has shown no remorse for his actions; has not denounced the life of violence he has lived; and does not adhere to any of the values that make Canada a country I am proud to be a citizen of.

If your read the column written by lawyer Ezra Levant, that was published in the SUN chain of newspapers on October 31, 2010, there are legal grounds available to Canada to reject the return of Omar Khadr. I provide a link to Mr. Levant’s column here.

Mr. Minister, I urge you to advocate to the caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada to take all actions necessary to prevent the return of Omar Khadr to Canada. I fear for my Canada, and all Her citizens if Omar Khadr is allowed to return to Canada. He is, himself, a violent threat to all who oppose his fanatical beliefs, and his presence in Canada will likely be used to promote more home-grown jihadi action against our Country. Canada must make a firm stand to denounce and fight terrorism, and by denying the return to Canada of Omar Khadr, Canada will be making a firm statement to the rest of the world.

I trust Mr. Minister you will treat my e-mail, and all similar ones you receive, with the utmost seriousness and sincerity.

Yours truly,