RCMP Outreach Fails to Distinguish between Radical and Non-Radical Muslims

“Disturbing aspects of certain RCMP Community Outreach initiatives invite questions about whether the unit has drifted away from fulfilling its counter-radicalization mandate. The RCMP could now be perceived as catering to Islamists by pressing upon its affiliated community members an event with troubling implications and connections. This appearance of formal government support might well encourage attendance of those who would otherwise have quite sensibly kept their distance from the conference and its creators.”

It’s that Damn RCMP Perversity Liason Office again!

The Merging of Two Greens

“…it’s no coincidence that “Islam and the environment” is a theme of this year’s Islamic History Month Canada, an event that exemplifies how the old and new greens are hooking up for the greater empowerment of both.”

The Green Party has a long history of Wingnuts

“I’m going to call campus security and have you arrested for hate speech’