Founding Fathers Not so Fond of Islam” Author Targeted for Alinsky Treatment in Washington Post Article

From a reader.

Dear Editor,

Laura’s recent Pajamas Media article (“No, Professor Ahmed, the Founders Were Not So Fond of Islam“) had such an impact that yesterday she was attacked by name in an opinion piece published in the Washington Post.

The Washington Post article is by Frankie Martin, an associate of Professor Ahmed. Martin attempts a refutation of Laura’s article. Perhaps sensing the weakness of his own article, Martin fills it with ad hominem.

Robert Spencer recently wrote:

Leftists in the mainstream media and their Islamic supremacist allies are wholly intellectually bereft — and so they cannot engage their opponents on the level of ideas, but must instead bludgeon them into silence. The treatment of Pamela Geller is a case in point. It is imperative that conservatives stand up for her and for all voices of freedom; otherwise, she will by no means be the last victim of the vicious politics of personal destruction that the Left pursues so assiduously.

Laura’s article seems to have earned sufficient prominence for her that Martin is already attempting to give her the Saul Alinsky treatment. One would think a scholar would be able to argue based on the facts alone; evidently the facts alone are insufficient to Martin’s purpose.

Courtesy Black Mamba;  here’s a very neat take-down of the Jefferson/Ramadan dinner thing by another Laura.