Ford Elected Mayor!!!

It is a great day for our city.

The important thing is that Toronto’s bien pensant political class got punched in the mouth tonite. Communists, Liberals and alleged Conservatives united in opposition to Rob Ford and he still Kicked Ass. No matter how the pollsters tried to gerryrig results, no matter how obscenely biased the media pile on became the people refused to be bullied or conned. Bravo Toronto.

Congratulations to Mayor Rob Ford.

A reader: On Saturday, some taxpaying acquaintances smugly informed me that they are voting for Smitherman for Toronto’s mayor because he’s “nice”. And Ford isn’t. I said, “Smitherman’d better be nice. He is taking your money and wasting it. Ford doesn’t need to be nice if he busts the entitlement larcenies.”

It turned out that they are moving out of town to a really cultured village, to escape a deteriorating Toronto. But not before they kick us remainchiks hard in the shins, right?

The revolt against the political class begins

Alternate Toronto Star Headline;)

Rob Ford Happy Dance!

Torontonians we did it!

Hated Fat Man Kicks Liberal Anus

Now that`s REAL change

Rob Ford- Mayor

I hope all the people who said they would leave Toronto if Ford is elected keep their promise

Toronto Hipsters display astonishing lack of creativity and brain cells – invoke Bush in Ford victory bashing #voteTO (Twitter has been great sport, the leftist hatred and contempt is so fun to mock)