Vote For Rob Ford – Celebrate Jonestown II At The Star

Today’s The Day. Vote for Rob Ford.

Remember a vote for Smitherman is a vote for the Liberal Party of Ontario.

Keep Smitherman’s Fist Out Of The Tax Payer Pumpkin


Toronto has been bled dry by waste. The Miller years in particular witnessed the financial rape of Tax Payers to fund union cronies and special interest groups too numerous to mention. Smitherman is simply a Miller Clone.

He is part of the Liberal/Left parasite that views your taxes as their personal Piggy Bank. With a string of financial scandals behind him Smitherman fled provincial politics like a rat fleeing a sinking ship. Note well that Smitherman has been endorsed by the same Union trough feeders and special interest groups as Miller. Smitherman’s greed driven eyes are set on a new host, Toronto’s Tax Payers. 

Keep Smitherman’s fist out of the Tax Payer’s Pumpkin.

Vote For Rob Ford.

Bonus: The Smitherman -O- Lantern