Jewish Blogger Threatened With Legal Action In Suspected Political Vendetta! Ill Mother Harassed!

Blogger Radio Free Canada , a Ford campaign supporter, is facing harassment by “persons unknown” who have resorted to tormenting his ill mother as part of a suspected political vendetta.

Following is an e-mail response Radio Free Canada issued to his Mother’s tormentors.


I hope that you will agree that since the concerns of the REDACTED campaign’s legal team have been brought to my attention, I’ve been nothing but open and cooperative with you, contacting you (identified as his legal counsel) as soon as I heard what was going on. I’ve provided you my contact information, offered to discuss this in more detail and even offered to arrange to be served with a summons should you choose to go in that direction.

I did this despite your having personally put your name to a document attacking me and lying about me.

My efforts to cooperate with you have not even been met with the courtesy of a response.

Now, my mother has told me that legal representatives of the REDACTED campaign have been repeatedly harassing her.

This is completely unacceptable. In over 15 years of political involvement, I have never seen anything so low as harassing a woman in order to intimidate her son into refraining from exercising his right to participate in our democratic process, particularly after his allegations have shown to be completely accurate.

My mother is sick. This is the last thing she needs and I must insist that you direct this harassment to cease immediately. (You have been identified to me as the person in charge of REDACTED legal response. If this is not the case, kindly refer me to whomever is responsible.).

I think that you’ve already seen the level of vitriol of which I’m capable on a good day. I can assure you that you don’t want to see what I’m capable of when you choose to involve my family. Should she receive one more harassing phone call on behalf of your campaign’s legal team, the consequences will be severe.

My offer to discuss the concerns you may have about my writing continues to stand. I am available until mid-afternoon, at which time I’ll be leaving to observe the Sabbath. I hope it goes without saying that legal harassment against my family or I over the Sabbath will not be well received.

I thank you in advance for your time and attention.

Gut Shabbos,